August 2019 Custom Order Cakes

Treat yourself to a delicious cake that is surprisingly vegan and gluten-free! Our cakes are made with the best organic/non-GMO ingredients and can be customized to your liking! To order, Email with your selection. Custom orders must be scheduled ahead of time and payment is required upfront through PayPal or Venmo. Pick up location is in Ferndale.

Banana Caramel 

Banana-infused yellow cake, caramel butter-less cream, caramel garnish

12-13 piece- $70

14-15 piece- $85

20-25 piece- $110

Bumpie Cake- our Specialty! 

Chocolate cake, butter-less cream, chocolate ganache

12-13 piece- $65

20-25 piece- $110


Samoas Cake

2 layers of chocolate cake, 2 layers of rich brownie, toasted coconut butter-less creme, topped with our Samoas cookies & caramel

15 piece- $90

20-25 piece- $125